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Farmers Market Season

The Twin Falls Farmers Market begins in two weeks  on May 9th. We will be there with seasonally available items. Check this page as we will post products that we will have available each week. If you are going to be late, you can pre order by emailing us by Friday at 5.

We are also offering a CSA beginning at the end of May that will bring you a selection of our seasonal produce each week for 18 weeks. The cost is $300.

We still have a few pre order broilers available. These will be 3 pound broiler chickens.

We are also taking pre orders for late summer and fall Bucher pigs. Sorry, we are out of spring pigs.

Preparing for a New Year

It has been a mild winter so far. Ink farrowed just before Christmas with 60 degree daytime temperatures, but hold on. Our high today was 28 and tomorrow 18. We have been working on fencing and a few small winter projects.  The hens are holding their own and next year is on our minds. New chicks, farrowing, planting, and planning. As we make plans budgeting is a major focus. We are always looking make improvements and they always cost. To improve soil we are planning some major cover crops that can be lightly grazed and left to regenerate and build soil. The long term benifit should be amazing. We also have to budget our seed, packaging, and production expenses.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

Pig Harvesters


It has been unusually warm this Thanksgiving week. We were in the 20s for highs and this week in the 60s. I was doing some work in the nice weather and had a gate open. A few of the grower pigs took advantage and went to see what was left in the garden. I noticed that they were eating corn, chard and grass among other things.

We are looking at colder temperatures next week, so it is time to make sure that farrowing facilities are ready before everything freezes down again.

Fall 2014

We have finally frosted about a month later than normal. The tomato plants are now dead. They died from old age and not frost. There were no green tomatoes left to ripen due to the long fall. I have never seen this before.

We have had a nice fall thus far with mild weather. Our garlic came up strong and the pasture has been wonderful for the chickens and pigs. We are putting everything to bed for winter including our farm and garden tools and preparing for spring time planning. Now is the time we plan for chicks, farrowing pigs, and ordering seed for next year. Planning is a very important part of our farm success.

Pasture Farrowing

Cupcake 6_25_14

This is an early morning picture of a gilt (Cupcake) that started farrowing at 10:00 pm. This was our first time farrowing out in the field without a shed or pen. Now I had a shed all ready to go, but I could not get this gilt to it when I needed to. She had built her nest and that was that in her mind. I placed straw near her nest for her to use later. I stayed up until 2:00 am watching her and was amazed at her mothering instinct. She farrowed on Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning. This is a picture of her and her little ones on Wednesday.

Pasture farrowing  6 2014 (800x600)

On Thursday morning we discovered that Starr had also farrowed on her own. She did fine with no supervision and farrowed a week before I though she was suppose to. These girls have very good mothering instincts as they are very careful not to lay on their babies. A week later none of the piglets have been smashed by ma.  

Starr and babies 6 2014

Our Big Move

It as been a long time since I have posted and that is because we have been busy. We have grown and in order to do this, we had to move our operation. We are now located in Buhl, Idaho with more than five times the production area. More to come, soon!



2013 Winter Squash

2013 Winter Squash

A fraction of the winter squash that we harvested. Acorn, delicata, spaghetti, pumpkins, butternut, kuri, hubbard, and more.