We are a small family farm now based in Buhl, Idaho. We raise poultry, eggs, pigs, and beef on pasture. We also raise rabbit and produce. Our mission is to produce the best food in the Magic Valley without using chemical pesticides, GMO crops, and unnecessary antibiotics in a sustainable manner. In 2014, with our move to Buhl, Idaho we became Certified Organic. Along with this mission we hope to educate and serve our community.

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  1. Hi, I feed my dogs a Raw Food Diet and I’m looking for some of the “waste” from the butchering process. I’m wondering if I could purchase any organ meats, rib bones, leg bones anything that would normally go to waste. I hope that it is not offensive to you that I would ask about this for dog food. However, I love my dogs a lot and after struggling with some serious skin problems in my border collie I found that a Raw Food Diet makes all the difference and Organ meats and bones are very important for their health.

    Thank you,

    Steve Vawser

    • First of all I do not find this offensive. There is no reason to waste any trim from an animal. Currently I am low on supply as I have my own dog and we also eat organ meats. I will be going to the butcher soon though and will get everythin I can for you.


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