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Mid Summer 2014

Produce 3 (600x800)

It is defininately mid summer. All of the gilts and Inks have farrowed. The litters were smaller than in the past, but gilts will do that. Inks only had nine instead of her usual 12. The garden is in full production now, with tomatoes, zucchinin, yellow crookneck, chard, kale, and so much more. I look at green beans for next week. I have to mention that we have a bumper crop of weeds on the new place as well. These are fed to the pigs as they are pulled. The small reds in the field 1 and 2 are looking better after being over watered the first time. I have learned a lot about this new farm and is has not been a cheap education.

Pasture Farrowing

Cupcake 6_25_14

This is an early morning picture of a gilt (Cupcake) that started farrowing at 10:00 pm. This was our first time farrowing out in the field without a shed or pen. Now I had a shed all ready to go, but I could not get this gilt to it when I needed to. She had built her nest and that was that in her mind. I placed straw near her nest for her to use later. I stayed up until 2:00 am watching her and was amazed at her mothering instinct. She farrowed on Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning. This is a picture of her and her little ones on Wednesday.

Pasture farrowing  6 2014 (800x600)

On Thursday morning we discovered that Starr had also farrowed on her own. She did fine with no supervision and farrowed a week before I though she was suppose to. These girls have very good mothering instincts as they are very careful not to lay on their babies. A week later none of the piglets have been smashed by ma.  

Starr and babies 6 2014