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The Waiting Game

2013 Ink Ready

This is Ink a couple days before farrowing. This was a huge waiting game as her udders began to fill out almost two weeks prior to farrowing. She became very nervous and had a very uncomfortable attitude for seven days prior to farrowing. We moved her to her private quarters about five days prior to farrowing. Ask pigs vary a little in gestation I was not certain when she would farrow and this was stressful. I was able to express a tiny drop of milk three days before farrowing. A fair amount of milk could be expressed about 6 hours before she actually did farrow. As a gilt she was a little ungraceful in the process and we were concerned about her laying on the little ones so we set up a box adjacent to the pen with heat lamps for the newborns to warm up in while farrowing was in progress. More about that later.




Ink completed her first farrowing yesterday morning at about 1 in the morning. It took her a couple of hours to get the hang of being a mom but she seems to have it figured out.