Monthly Archives: November 2012


We have a tradition around here that involves spending Thanksgiving and the day after with family. Our travel does not exceed 30 miles. We are lucky in that respect. Our immediate family has a small traditional meal the evening before Thanksgiving so that we may give true thanks as a family. I am thankful for my family, good food, friends, and the roof over my head. We are truely blessed here to have so much home grown and local foods. All of the food in the above photo are local foods. The only things that I have not been able to source locally are salt and pepper. We use local honey for sweetner as we have all but swore off all refined sugar. Of course you must forgive this mismatched napkins and sewing supplies as we are also in the middle of homeschool and making gifts for the holidays. This is who we are.

Cleaning The Field

These girls and boy are working on clearing the field for next spring. They have cleared the top of the field from produce and are now working on clearing grass off the lower part of the field for our expansion. The pigs only work up the top couple of inches of soil but this works for getting the grass out. Last year we used a rototiller then raked, the raked, then raked and still had to deal with sod all summer. I hope this works. After they have cleared this area they will be moved to a new area of grass with clover where there girls will farrow. We should have many more pigs starting in February.

Berkshires on Pasture


Today is the third day in a row of drizzle rain. It is actualy warm and ther is still grasss trying to grow. This is not typical of what I remember for November in Southern Idaho. I am enjoying it. There has not been any ice to break and it is just damp enough to keep the dust down. The days are short as we prepare for Thanksgiving. This is a time to slow down for us. We have put the ground to bed for the winter and don’t expect too much animal activity until February. February is when the sows are due to farrow, Chicks are hatched and the cows get ready to calve. This is why we need to rest now.

Pigs on Pasture

The pigs have been out on pasture for months now. They eat a little grass and root around a little but when I turned them in the garden after frost it was amazing. They ate everything, rooted, tilled and made a home. Pictures to come soon.