Monthly Archives: April 2012

The more I learn the less I knew

I have typed this post three times now and I just can’t seem to get it published without deleting something. I wanted to make a few comments on raising animals. I have raised livestock and pets all of my life. One animal that I have never had any exposure to is pigs. My daughter said that she wanted pigs. I read all the books, searched, interviewed, Googled, pontificated and still knew nothing when I brought the pigs home. I purchased them from a nice family in Gooding, Idaho who call their place AJ’s Interactive Farm. What a great group of people. Thanks Dennis. The pigs I brouht home never went off feed like the internet said they would when stressed, they ate twice as much as the book said they would, they are clean and discrete, and they are the friendliest animals that I have ever worked with. We’ll se how it goes from here.

New Pigs

We now have pigs. They are eight weeks old and the children have named them. This I know is a mistake because I fully intend to eat some of them. The goal is always a moving target. Do we just feed or do we add to our list of ventures. Animals are curious and I am surprised daily. I was watering animals this morning and observed the pig “Squeeler” talking to the calf. They were actually making noises at one another. Things are lloking up and the garden needs tending. I hope all is well with you and yours. 




Spring Is Here

Well I thought that spring had arrived and then frost two mornings in a row. It is spring though. It is planting season for the cool weather vegitables and that is what we are working on. The hens have come out of their moult and have ramped up laying again. I think that the green grass in the pasture has helped. The cows are about done calving and seem content on the dryland pasture.  Time to head back out and see if we can get potato seed in.  Imagethe ground.


Welcome! I am pleased that you have found us. We are a family located in south central Idaho. Our Missions is to produce local food in and all natural and organic way. We started out raising chickens and beef and added rabbits. We are now planning on adding pig to our list. We are Animal Welfare Approved for laying hens and plan to expand this through all of our animal production. To round out the dinner plate we also produce vegetables including salad greens, beans, peas, potatoes, carrots, corn, cucumbers, and anything else that suits our taste buds. You can purchase from us now through Idaho’s or by droping us an e-mail. We will be offering CSA shares through a family parntership Country Road Farms. These shares will be offered starting in the Fall of 2012.